Saturday, January 17, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.

Here are my top favorite things that you might want to check out:

1. Lacie D2 Quadra: For those who collect a lot of things on your hard drive, like myself. Free up some space on your computer and get organized with one of these. I received this as a Christmas present from very dear friends of mine and I'm so happy with it. Once I fill this bad boy up with files, I may look into getting another one. What's nice about these, you can stack them on top of each other, just like legos.

2. MacBook Pro: I have the first generation MacPro and I love it! I know they have improved the computer since then but I still enjoy my MacBook. It's just like "My Buddy", where ever I go, you're gonna go...If you know me, I take this thing where ever I go. This is probably the first thing I would grab if my house were to catch on fire. Hope that never happens.

3. Ceramic Element Lasko Heater: This is my best friend during the during the cold winters. For those who are freezing their butts off right now, buy one of these. I could not stress enough how happy I am with this heater. What is nice is that this heater has a remote control, therefore you do not need to get out of your chair or bed to turn on of off the heater. You think that's cool, you can also adjust the temperature, ionic setting and set it to automatic shut off. This machine is so smart. There is a gage that calculates the temperature in the room. You set your machine to the temperature you want and once the temperature is reached, the machine will shut off. As soon as the temperature drops below the set temperature, it will automatically turn on to regulate the room at the set temperature. Man, I love that! So folks, get one of these to keep you warm this cold winter season.

4. Decorated Hair sticks: I'm usually on the go and do not have time to do my hair. This will work if you have long hair. Just tie your hair in a pony tail and wrap your hair in a bun and stick a hair stick in your hair and you are good to go. It looks sleek, neat and pretty. You could find these things at the kiosks in the mall for about $7.

5. Scarf: My all time favorite thing this winter is my lavender scarf. My mother bought for me a couple years ago and I still use and still love it the day I got it. It keeps me warm. It is so wide and long I can wrap my whole head and neck to keep me warm.